The Angela Stanford Foundation is pleased to support both Texas college-bound students and two Fort Worth non-profits--- Lena Pope Home and the First Tee of Fort Worth. Your donations are paramount to this support. There are lots of ways to be involved.

Birdie Bonanza

One very popular and fun opportunity to support the Foundation is through our annual Birdie Bonanza. Here’s how it works:

  • 1. Decide how much you would like to pledge per every birdie Angela makes throughout the season. As you make your plan, please keep in mind that Angela makes a lot of birdies! Minimum pledge is $1 per birdie; the max? Well, that’s up to you!
  • 2. Fill out the form on the right indicating your pledge for your tax-deductible donation. If you prefer, you may make a one-time donation; as we mentioned, Angela DOES make a lot of birdies.
  • 3. At the end of the season, we will multiply your pledge by the amount of birdies Angela makes and send you an email with the amount of your donation due and instructions for payment.

Want to keep track of Angela’s birdies? Click here!


The Angela Stanford Foundation hosts two annual events. Click here to learn more and join us.

The Angela Stanford Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. All Purchases are Tax Deductible.

Birdie Bonanza Donations

Thank you for supporting the Foundation through our annual Birdie Bonanza. Angela made 310 birdies this season! Please follow the instructions to fulfill your pledge.

Sign up today for Angela's Birdie Bonanza!

Simply fill out your information below, choose the dollar amount you would like to pledge, and at the end of the year we contact you with Angela's total for the year! It's just that easy!